Experience the widsom of the plants,

while unlocking your own inner wisdom.

Discover a new dimension to your essential oils!




50 Courses


each course

Essential Oil Education

New Customer Gifts

Holiday Bonuses

25 Courses



each course

Appreciation Bonuses

Community Activity

New Wellness Advocate Gift

Why buy 25 or 50 courses?

  • Provide the best $15 gift for 50 team members. 
  • Gift courses as bonuses for your top builders.
  • Surprise downlines with a personal gift or courses to share with their team.

Write off the purchase as a tax-deduction; a business gift allowance is $25 per person. 


Gift the courses all year long!

  • Use the courses for special prizes, incentives or promotions.  
  • Create course groups (like a book club!) for team community-building.  
  • Give as new enrollee welcome gifts!  

Just like samples, write off a bundle purchase as a business expense for marketing. 


How does gifting the course work? 

It's easy!  When you purchase a course bundle, you will receive a course enrollment LINK to provide to each gift recipient. 





Gift this inspirational course to your team members!




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