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For Diamond Leaders 

Experience the widsom of the plants,

while unlocking your own inner wisdom.

Discover a new dimension to your essential oils!





For Diamond Leaders Only...

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50 Courses



each course

Essential Oil Education

New Customer Gifts

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25 Courses



each course

Appreciation Bonuses

Community Activity

New Wellness Advocate Gift

A great way to show your appreciation. 

An excellent gift for new enrollees.

A heart-warming course for our challenging times.  

Why buy 25 or 50 courses?

  • Provide the best $15 gift for 50 team members. 
  • Gift courses as bonuses for your top builders.
  • Surprise downlines with a personal gift or courses to share with their team.

Write off the purchase as a tax-deduction; a business gift allowance is $25 per person. 


Gift the courses all year long!

  • Use the courses for special prizes, incentives or promotions.  
  • Create course groups (like a book club!) for team community-building.  
  • Give as new enrollee welcome gifts!  

Just like samples, write off a bundle purchase as a business expense for marketing. 


How does gifting the course work? 

It's easy!  When you purchase a course bundle, you will receive a course enrollment LINK to provide to each gift recipient. 





Gift this inspirational course to your team members!




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