Judith Maxey

My journey into alternative and traditional healing practices began while pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Anthropology, exploring the cultural roots of healing.  Following my academic career, I began training in a variety of energy medicine techniques, including Reiki, Core Shamanism, and Chakra Healing.  Today, I am the owner of Almus Energy Medicine, where I offer one-on-one sessions; plant spirit healing sessions; energy medicine classes, a Reiki mentorship program and women's circles.


A doTERRA Wellness Advocate since 2016, I've incorporated essential oils into my professional practice, as well as into my daily health routine.  Not a day goes by that I don't use  at least one plant ally in my life!  I rely on the essential oils for my own energy maintenance and emotional health, my home, my kids' health (my dog, Luna's health!), and the foods we eat.


My lifelong interest in the human experience has inspired me to study, live, and travel abroad in various metropolitan and remote locations, including Seoul, South Korea, Oaxaca, Mexico, Esther Island, Alaska, and numerous countries throughout Latin America and Western Europe.  I currently live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my family, and am part of an extraordinary doTERRA community.



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