Build Relationships

with Your Oils

Learn the Sacred Art of Meditating with Plants


In this highly experiential course, you will gain...


-  a deeper relationship with your essential oils, 

-  a new understanding of plant wisdom, 

-  a  heart-centered meditative practice, 

-  profound personal insights, and 

-  a uniting worldview, one that profoundly connects you to the web of life.



10 Short Modules, including Guided Meditations 

A Step - by - Step Approach to Build a  Foundational Practice

Insightfully Designed Journal Prompts


No Meditation Experience Required



Gain the wisdom of the plants, 

while unleashing your own inner wisdom 

in the process.  



Module 1 - Deep Listening

Module 2 - Remembering Your Gift

Module 3 - Your Inner Garden

Module 4 - How Do I Talk to Plant Spirits?

Module 5 - Getting to Know Each Other

Module 6 - Exploring Plant Personalities

Module 7 - Gathering Plant Wisdom

Module 8 - Nourishing Your Relationships

Module 9 - In Service to the World Together

Module 10 - A Time to Reflect