Frequently Asked Questions about

Build Relationships 

with Your Oils




Who should take this course?

Anyone.  The course is designed for new or expert essential oil users, and everyone in between.  If you desire a deeper understanding of your essential oils, and the plants from which they are derived, this course is for you!




How many essential oils do I need for the course?

It is possible to complete the course with a Beginner’s Trio Set: Peppermint, Lavender and Wild Orange.  An additional 3-5 drops of at least one of the tree oils (Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, etc.) is recommended, but not absolutely necessary.  Each module contains suggested oils. The more essential oils one uses throughout the course, the richer the experience!




Do I need to know how to meditate to take this course? 

No.  In this introductory course, each short meditation includes guided imagery and prompts.  The course offers a simple step-by-step process to ease you into the necessary meditative state.




How long does it take to complete the course?

Each of the 8 primary modules requires 30 - 60 minutes for completion.  Included is a bonus module entitled Nourishing Your Relationships (which is dedicated to the ways you might honor your new relationships) and a Reflection module, to gain all the benefits of the course.  Course length will vary according to the amount of time dedicated to journal notes and meditation repetition.  




Besides oils, do I need anything else for the course?

Earbuds or earphones are recommended for listening to the meditations; a diffuser is optional, but highly recommended. 




If this is an introductory course, will there be more Plant Speak courses in the future?

Yes!  An advanced course, entitled Deepen Your Relations ($47) follows the introductory course, available in Spring 2021.  And after that...the Plant Families mini-courses, 4 dynamic, short online classes highlighting the unique qualities of the floral, herb, tree, and citrus oils ($29 each).  Each mini-course will include a deep dive into an oil, a creative project, meditations and more!



Every Plant Speak course emphasizes

personal growth,

an increased understanding

of the wisdom of the plants/oils;


and service to humanity and the Earth.





Can I take this course with friends? 

Absolutely! Create a group, like a book club; meet to complete the modules together, or to discuss your experiences.  A Plant Speak Community Facebook page also exists to support and inspire other course enrollees with shared experiences. 




How can my team access this course?  

Diamond Leaders and above are eligible for the Diamond Leaders Special Offer, including two course bundle options (25 & 50 courses) for gifts for entire teams. The already low course price reduces to $25 or $15 per course in these bundles. Tell your uplines!   


Purchases may be used as tax deductions, for business gifts or marketing materials. 



 If you have further questions, please contact Judith.