Learn to listen deeply, 

to gain the wisdom of the plants,

while unleashing

your own inner wisdom.

Each Plant Speak course teaches the sacred art

of building relationships with the sprit of  the plants.


A series of online courses, specifically designed for our doTERRA community. 


The first course is now available! 

Build Relationships with Your Oils

This course will teach you, step - by - step,

how to build powerful relationships

with your essential oils.


Learn to commune with the spirit of the plants

to increase your understanding of each oil;

enliven your inner knowing;

and be of service to the world. 

Judith Maxey

Course Instructor

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Essential Oils Specialist


An energy medicine practitioner for 15 years, Judith has guided hundreds of clients towards health, balance and vitality.  Reacquainting each person to their inner wisdom is at the core of her transformational work. The plant wisdom contained in every drop of doTERRA essential oils assists in the process.  A meditation instructor, soul guide, Reiki master teacher,  mentor, community volunteer and mother, Judith brings her heart, experience, and relentless passion for humanity to each Plant Speak course.  (Learn more.)



She's a gifted healer, and I feel grateful to have had her as a teacher. Highly recommend!


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