Learn to listen deeply,


to  access 


the wisdom of the plants...


...unleash your own inner wisdom.


Plant Speak courses teach 

the sacred art

of building relationships

with the spirits of the plants.


Designed for our essential oils community. 

As a community of leaders, 

we value

Heart to Heart Connection

The Natural Gifts of the Earth


Service to the World

Ongoing Education

Dedication to these values

 originates from a shared PASSION...

 that runs throughout our community,

     from our founders to the newest enrollee.   



I believe this shared energy comes from 

deep within... 

from our hearts and our inner knowing. 




Our internal wisdom desires a connection to the plants.


Would you like to amplify this connection? 

For your soul?

For your business?

For humanity?

For our Earth?

What will this highly experiential course bring into your life?  

  • Personal relationships with essential oils.
  • A new understanding of plant wisdom.
  • A heart-centered meditative practice.
  • An expansion of your intuitive wisdom.
  • Sacred activism with your essential oils. 
  • Written Guidance 

  • An 8 - 12 minute guided meditation accompanies every module. 

    These beautiful, grounding journeys will take you to forests, gardens, and beyond!  The meditations lead you to the heart of your inner wisdom, where your spirit will meet the spirit of the plants.

  • Journal Prompts 

    Reflection and self-inquiry are key elements to this course!  As you learn about the plant spirits, you will learn about yourself.  Every module includes thought-provoking prompts for you to further contemplate your meditation experiences, your relationships with your essential oils, and your life! 


With your essential oils at your side, every step of the way…


You will begin with Deep Listening.  We start by exploring your personal relationship to stillness, and preparing for the practice, by bringing forth your innate gifts. We also explore the distinctive energetic frequencies of essential oils.   



Then, you'll spend time Remembering Your Gift.  You will be reminded of your natural intuition and the magnificence of your creative mind.  A sweet and vivid meditation will prompt you to travel to a point in time when your gifts were unencumbered. 



With the discovery of Your Inner Garden, a magical, sacred location where you will meet the plant spirits, excitement will brew.  Beautiful relationships start to blossom, and your anticipation and intuition will be running high!  



We  pause here to go over all of the important details for creating meaningful relationships with the plant spirits.   You will learn proper etiquette for meeting your new friends...as you begin to wonder...How Do I Talk to Plant Spirits?  



Next, you'll enjoy an enchanting 'meet and greet' meditation with a few plant spirits.  As in all relationships, you'll have first impressions.  You'll probably be surprised at how enlivened your inner knowing has become, as you and the plants meet, and continue Getting to Know Each Other.   



Deepening your practice, you'll hone your intuition, and your skills, noticing the plant spirits' specific characteristics and qualities.  You'll ask questions.  Exploring Plant Personalitiesyou will step into the wonder of plant wisdom. 



At this point in your journey, the supportive nature of the plants shines brilliantly and you will begin, with guidance, to ask personal questions, Gathering Plant Wisdom.   And, you will be amazed at the messages received!  



In this final module, with a collection of personal experiences to buttress  your practice, you'll be ready to ask how you and your plant friends can be In Service to the World, Together.  With the web of life illuminated, you'll notice your own light in a new way.  With your personal vibration radiating, you'll see the importance of these new relationships and what you can contribute to the world, in alignment with your True Self, your powerful heart space and your divine intuition.  





bonus module dedicated to the importance of honoring the plant spirits!  All relationships require tending, including those  built throughout this course.  In this module, you'll receive  instruction and ideas for showing gratitude, reverence and respect to the plants, in your every day life and in ritual. 

In true Plant Speak form, you'll conclude with an extra delightful meditation with a plant spirit! 



Module 1 - Deep Listening

Module 2 - Remembering Your Gift

Module 3 - Your Inner Garden

Module 4 - How Do I Talk to Plant Spirits?

Module 5 - Getting to Know Each Other

Module 6 - Exploring Plant Personalities

Module 7 - Gathering Plant Wisdom

Module 8 - In Service to the World Together


Bonus Module 

Nourishing Your Relationships




Gain the wisdom of the plants,

while unleashing your own

inner wisdom in the process. 

No Meditation Experience Required

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Judith Maxey

Course Instructor

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She's a gifted healer, and I feel grateful to have had her as a teacher. Highly recommend!


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